Pilates – Getting Started

Pilates can feel like a maze to a beginner! The lingo may even sound foreign. We want you to be teach you the ins and outs before you ever begin so that you are confident with the framework for all exercises done both on the mat and on the equipment. You need not fear! You can do this! Here are the steps you need to get going and receive the amazing benefits Pilates has to offer:

  1. Call the Studio at 208-690-3036 and we can schedule your first appointment.
  2. Your first session will be a one-on-one with an instructor who can teach you correct biomechanics along with all the in’s and out’s of the Pilates equipment used in class. We encourage everyone to do our Introduction to Pilates package of 3 sessions for $150. This gives you three hours of one-on-one instruction to get you prepped and ready for group classes.
  3. Once you finish your 3 private sessions you can sign up for group classes. This is a one time only pass and includes 9 group classes for $99. It must be used within 30 days of purchase. This 30-day deadline is to encourage you to come at least two times per week for 30 days so that you stay with it long enough to feel the true benefits of Pilates.

Mat Classes

Our mat classes are a great place to gain core strength, improve posture, and establish proper biomechanics. Learn how to use your breath to help you through difficult movements, increase abdominal work, and release tension. Modifications are encouraged to individualize your workout based on your body, fitness level, and goals. Basic equipment such as a resistance band, stability ball, or fitness ring may be used to fine tune your workout. Proper alignment of the pelvis, spine, shoulder girdle, neck, and head are always emphasized. We want to perform a purposeful exercise that will carry over into your real life. Consistent practice results in balanced musculoskeletal performance. Not to mention a strong body that looks and feels great!

Equipment Classes

We offer small group classes incorporating the Reformer, Cadillac, and Spring Wall. If you have mastered Pilates Mat work, or are just looking for variety, the equipment class will add a whole new layer of challenge and results. If you are new to Pilates equipment, we suggest 3-5 Private sessions to become familiar with equipment exercises and set up. Check out our Getting Started section for more information.

Private Session and Semi-Private Sessions

Rocky Mountain Pilates is committed to addressing your individual needs. Private and Semi-Private sessions are where we can focus on YOU! We can address muscle imbalances, posture, flexibility, and healthy bio-mechanics. Private and Semi-Private sessions are a great place to become familiar with the basic principles of Pilates, get prepared for a group class, or focus on more advanced performance goals.