“Who has time to do Pilates?”

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“Who has time to do Pilates?” – a very common saying at least in my line of work. Guidelines seem to change over the years, but the World Health Organizations (WHO) recommendations seem to have stuck.

The World Health Organization suggests that adults accumulate 150 minutes or
more of moderate-to-vigorous exercise a week.

Defining moderate-to-vigorous would take a separate article so we will leave it at that. They mention nothing about frequency, so all of us resort to fifth-grade math and assume that that means approximately 20 min a day or 30 min, five days a week. Considering prep and recovery time (changing clothes, a drive to the gym or trail, warming up, exercising, cooling down, showering, redressing, and a return trip back to home or work), the question “Who has time for Pilates?” is very valid. A recent article out of Canada has demonstrated that our reliance on math to determine the frequency of exercise may not be important. The study demonstrated the accumulation of 150 minutes a week was most important, no matter how frequent the exercise was done. In other words: if you do nothing Monday – Friday due to your busy schedule, then weekend-warrior it for at least 150 minutes Saturday and Sunday – the health benefits are the same. This knowledge can be of great benefit for all of us on a time crunch. Designate a set time for some serious activity, and the question “Who has time for Pilates?” can be answered with a thunderous “I do!”.

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